News Release – National Voter Registration Day 2016

September 24, 2016 Subject: Every Angeleno Counts on National Voter …

September 24, 2016

Subject: Every Angeleno Counts on National Voter Registration Day

Los Angeles, CA – Tuesday, September 27 marks the fourth annual National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) to take place in cities across the United States. With Election Day quickly approaching, NVRD aims to register and assist all eligible voters in Los Angeles and surrounding counties by partnering with local organizations at over 20 locations. Events will also be happening on the campuses of several local colleges and universities including UCLA, USC, and UC Riverside. For a complete list, please visit

With the assistance and enthusiasm of thousands of partners, NVRD is excited to engage and reach out to all eligible voters to ensure their participation in not just the presidential election, but also those on the state and municipal level.

“National Voter Registration Day is second only to Election Day in the world of voting and democracy in our country—I like to think of it as our Superbowl,” said Rock the Vote president Ashley Spillane. “Rock the Vote is proud to be powering and providing the technology for hundreds of thousands of voters to register online.”

In an effort to prevent a repeat of the 2014 midterm elections during which only one in four registered voters in Los Angeles participated, NVRD will provide voters with information to keep them up-to-date about Election Day on Tuesday, November 8.


 About National Voter Registration Day – National Voter Registration Day is celebrated on the fourth Tuesday of every September by thousands of volunteers, celebrities, organizations, businesses and elected officials from all over the country. This single day of coordinated grassroots, digital and media efforts is aimed at creating a pervasive awareness of voter registration opportunities – reaching hundreds of thousands of new voters who would not register otherwise. Visit to learn about events in your area or to use the online tools to learn about getting registered in your state.

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A corresponding PowerPoint presentation was created along side the news release to explain and expand on the information provided. The PDF of the presentation is available for viewing here.


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